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Family of One has chosen a few special products to carry to support us in awakening our multidimensionalitys.  Of course they have given us the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery to get access. It is always on us to do our part, to engage in seeking and in bridging the worlds with our seeking and chewing on our curiosities   Get to know your multi-dimensionality's and learn how to take care of each other.  

Partnership begins with our body, loving our body, thanking our body, taking care of our body.  For this we chose Fat and The Moon Products. More below on this incredible company that works in partnership with Our Divine Mother.

The Foundation of Partnership is Your Masterpiece of the Great Work, revealed in your Masterpiece Reading.  The Masterpiece while dancing in your field shifting you into alignment with what is yours to be and do. fathe

Our masterpiece of the great work is who we are and what we’re here to do in every area of life that is really what the masterpiece reading is.  We lay out 12 cards and 12 runes. Mother and Father, Christ and Holy Spirit come in into body and give you messages about each area of your Masterpiece while dancing in your field shifting you into alignment with what is yours to be and do. 

This reading gives you the puzzle pieces that overtime you will put together in the dance of your own being that will reveal the great masterpiece that you co created with The Divine One. This is a foundational new offering with House Oracle Molly Indura

The Truth about Partnership starts with talking to yourself in a way that gets answers.  Oberon Leather Journals are a perfect vessel to hold the co creations with your primary partner; your divine one. Each one consecrated for your sacred partnership within.

Victory through partnership is all about Intention. Define in order to dream and go deeper with each area of your Masterpiece.  Can we just talk about where you're going?  Gain support in fulfilling your masterpiece with Self Mastery Coaching, 6 months, 2 sessions per month dedicated to helping you ground into a new way of living life.  Includes all energetic support to keep you clear and on track at half Molly's regular rate.  Invest in your Self Mastery.

The Beauty of Partnership is about harnessing the power of Love & Light in every area of your life. This really begins in Mystic Training.  A 6 week online or in person on Maui Hawaii devoted to your learning to navigate the inner realms to clear yourself and optimizing your life.

The Strength of Partnership is revealed when we get access to the fact there is no one else out there and our wounds are haunting us as others!  Gain access to Freedom with The Psyche System; a self Psychology which gives you a chance to save yourself.  This allows you to have resources of resilience, clarity, inspiration and gives your true & highest destiny, to be the embodied avatar for the rest of you a chance to occur in this lifetime.

The Mercy of Partnership is knowingWe are all in this together in this masterpiece of life!  Get yourself a Hat of the Holy Spirit as a focalizing tool tuning you into your own Holy Spirit, the divine one within.

The Hidden Knowledge of partnership is Integration brings it all together. True integration starts with bringing ourselves to the heart of Christ within and opening that channel of communication within you so that you can awaken yourself there.  Christ is a shared field into whom we are invited.  Discover what it takes to stay there and begin your sacred work with The Family of One, the collective of US as the Faithful Ones.  it's time to bring this ship into the shore; Holy Vessel Field Attunement gets you there. 

Understanding partnership starts in silence.  Here we receive our higher directives through the Soul System. At this level we are living in trust as a Discipline working beyond the mundane in the higher fields of existence. 

The Wisdom of Partnership is that IN TIME your masterpiece of the Great Work. The keys to working time to free yourself start when you get your Dimensional Field Activation.  According to Family of One, This activation is 70% of Embodiment!  The other 30% being Holy Vessel Field Attunement.

The Higher Truth in Partnership is We are The Family of One.  It's a bright and clear day in which We are always with you, we only with you were here. The final step in the Journey brings you there with the Tree of Life Field Awakening.  So much happens in this course that truly you will never be the same or look at life in the same way or from the same location again.  It's a life journey changer. Get your Halo!  The Journey overview is here:

Welcome Ohm Kin of One 

Molly Indura