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Tree of Life Multidimensional Field Awakening Course

$111.00 - $3,500.00
  • Tree of Life Multidimensional Field Awakening Course

A 12 month course of awakening to who you are in the Multidimensional fields. So that you can live as the embodied avatar with your Divine One

This 12 month ascensional course opens you to experiencing yourself as a multi-dimensional being. This experience continues to open up and integrate over time.

So much becomes available through taking this journey that has been informed by The Tree of Life Herself. This is not just a course, it's an activation and awakening of your multidimensional fields.

This course will utilize visionary painting processes to get you in deep with yourself and your multidimensional selves. The access you achieve is transformative.

Option 1 -Make One Payment today and the $3500. goes down to $2899.
Bonus! Receive a FREE Tree of Life Self Mastery Deck!

Option 2 or Make 12 monthly payments of $299. Pay $299 today and 11 more payments over the next 11 months.

Option 3 Pay $175 for 22 months

If you need other arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is a membership course, once you purchase it, it's yours