The Photon Integration Protection against the effects of 5G

  • The Photon Integration Protection against the effects of 5G

This powerful light infusion saturates your cells with a protective light barrier to keep you in cellular and dimensional field integrity.

This activation works in the 12 Physical dimensions and first 3 Spiritual dimensions to create a partnership of protection with pure Light. Science confirms frequency is the base of all matter and non matter.

This energy has been kinetically tested for over 20 years to be effective for protecting against EMF, radiation, cellular microwaves and the effects of the negative thoughts of others. This energy is The original Divine Light of The Brilliant Central Sun

From those who use to be sensitive:

“I’ve been sensitive to energetic fields ever since I was a child and have been actively searching for solutions to minimize the damage they would cause me which included migraines, weakened immune system, respiratory problems, and rampant mood swings. These were so severe that even a simple cold would mean a visit to the E.R. For all of my life I’ve tried everything that even implied that it could help, and some of those solutions did help quite a bit, but I was still at the effect from the energy fields. Since receiving the Light Shield Activation last summer, I’ve been healthier than ever!” ~David Nihei

“I wanted to thank you for the Light Shield it works remarkably well, an hour straight on my cell phone and no headache that I use to get in ten minutes!” ~Robert Christy

“I feel more secure, I don’t hear it when people have judgments of me anymore and that used to be a big problem!” ~Alani Kuzma

“My energy level at work remains high. I’m not drained from the excessive amounts of florescent lighting there anymore.” ~Allen Marriot