Living in Partnership

  • Living in Partnership

In the Journey of Partnership of partnership & Self Mastery you will Learn:
The Psyche System, what it is, how it works and how to clear it out.
How we recreate our past through our Holographic Feedback Loop of Creation
How we relate to each other and how we can come into right relationship
How to use curiosity to gain information from within
How to talk to yourself in a way that leaves you informed!
The lost lineages of Partnership and Completion
Why it’s important to tend to the self
How to live in partnership with your self, others, and all of life
The components of the Psyche System and how they work together to create one’s reality
How to track and resolve unprocessed content through time to gain freedom
How to tell when one is in an alternate reality and how to reintegrate with the highest core path.
How to guide yourself to the right choices in time
How to give yourself what you needed that you didn’t have in your first round experience
The 5 Elements of Incompletion
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