The Journey Step 1 Mystic Training

$333.00 - $555.00
  • The Journey Step 1 Mystic Training

In the Journey of Partnership of partnership & Self Mastery you will come to know yourself as your higher being

You will carry a Light & a Holy Love

Others will see & respond to your energy & presence. You will realize you finally have the power to make the difference you really want to make in the world out of choosing to awaken yourself as your original design; a multidimensional being living in partnership with yourself others and all of life. But only you can choose this partnership are you called?

The first of Our Journey offerings is Mystic Training. The Foundation of Partnership is Seeking. Knowing how to navigate the realms within gives you access to the rest of you opening up in new vistas of perception.

Course Details:
Weekly Fridays for 7 Weeks
starts January 15, 2021
Start time: 8pm EST, Hawaii 2:00 pm
Live on Zoom
Shared Field of Support through the dimensions

7 Live Online Mystic Trainings
7 Practice sessions to help you gain mastery as a mystic
Online manual with tools and instructions
Personalized support, coaching and mentoring
Holding the field of learning to support you in energetically integrating your tools and skills.

*Mystic Training Self Mastery Deck is available to compliment this class

Mystic Training is a 7 week live online intensive in which you will learn and engage in developing & strengthening your intuition.

This enables you to live in conscious and active partnership with yourself to fulfill the Masterpiece you are here to unfold

Mystic Training will teach you to use seeking to:
1. Receive information directly from within
2. Reveal the Masterpiece that is yours to share with the world
3. Manifest support and alignment in life.

Access your intuitive wisdom
Using the process of seeking, you can receive anything you would like to know. This course contains numerous tools that you can use to read and troubleshoot the energy fields of yourself and others.

Reveal Your Masterpiece of the Great Work
Seeking activity can inform you directly of what is yours to be do and have in the world according to your purpose