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Original Small Journal Triskelion Knot Navy

  • Original Small Journal Triskelion Knot Navy

Blank book filler included with 220 pgs

Our simple and durable bootlace thong wraps around a matching Britannia Metal button to hold your journal closed.

This Journal is all about partnership and co-creation with the rest of you. It begins with Your Masterpiece Reading with House Oracle Molly Indura.

This reading reveals the pieces of your Masterpiece that in time are like a puzzle coming together piece by piece. This reading reveals the themes of purpose in the 12 areas of life.

Self, Who am I?

Money, resources & values How I hold power

Communication What I am here to transmit

Emotional Mastery. What I am here to Master within

Creativity. Why I create

Service What is my service work?

Partnership Mastering being with others

What I’m here to Transform in myself and the world

What I’m here to learn & Teach

What is my Legacy?

What is my service work?

What I’m here to master

With these puzzle pieces, and in your journal, you can begin to explore these themes of purpose in your life. The Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery is exactly for the purpose of restoring the inner partnership with our Divine One within.

Each of the Journey programs come with a Self Mastery Card Deck that has you in conversation with your Divine One in the codified information coming alive with your seeking.

There is so much more to who you are… are you ready to begin the Journey of Partnership & Self Mastery? Do you want to start with your Masterpiece Reading? Listen in and take the next step...