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Mystic Training

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Mystic Training is a House of Wisdom favorite, many students have taken it each time it’s offered because the teachings are so good as well as always evolving. Their mastery level increases every time they take it. You too can gain tools you can use to master your experience of life regardless of circumstances.

I have over the past 18 years trained many mystics who now work as professional Intuitive readers & healers. Many are thriving personally and professionally using what they learned in this course.

You will learn The Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting protocol you can use to get yourself clear and also offer professionally to serve others as you feel called to or not.

Mystic Training is a 4 week live online intensive in which you will learn and engage in developing & strengthening your intuition.

This enables you to live in conscious and active partnership with yourself to fulfill the Masterpiece you are here to unfold

Mystic Training will teach you to use seeking to:
1. Receive information directly from within
2. Reveal the Masterpiece that is yours to share with the world
3. Manifest support and alignment in life.

Access your intuitive wisdom
Using the process of seeking, you can receive anything you would like to know. This course contains numerous tools that you can use to read and troubleshoot the energy fields of yourself and others.

Course Details:
Weekly Wednesdays for 4 Weeks
November 11, 18, 21, Dec 2
Start time: Hawaii time 2:00 pm- 4pm
Live on GoToWebinar

4 Live Online Mystic Training session
4 Practice sessions to help you gain mastery as a mystic
e-manual with tools and instructions
Class support, coaching and mentoring
You will be held in a shared field of support through the dimensions

*Mystic Training Self Mastery Deck