Mystic Coaching

  • Mystic Coaching

Become a Superhero with your clients

Help yourself feel better about your life and have new mystical tools to use with your clients. This is for you especially if you are feeling burned out and not knowing how to support clients who are stressed to the max with this pandemic.

Learning to mystically see into your life and heal it causes big transformations to occur.

Through this journey where I personally guide you through your life area by area you become like a real life superhero who makes real change happen for yourself and your clients. Insightfully knowing what’s so gives you an advantage as a coach, healer or therapist.

As you ongoingly engage in mystic coaching, you become confident in reading yourself and others with accuracy. This causes you to feel great knowing you know how to get free. Imagine being able to know the thing that is hanging you up and being able to clear it. Knowing how to set things right internally allows things to flow and be the way you want them to be. This type of insight is healing power of the highest magnitude.

Having vision of life behind the scenes allows you to influence it in super fun & practical ways.It's life coaching for mystics who are developing their intuitive skill sets.

We visit all 12 areas of your life and use mystic tools to explore it and clear the landscape for what your heart and want.

Sharing my mystic tools that allow you to clearly and easily perceive what is so and what is needed that you can know how to get yourself clear

I also train you to see for yourself. We look at things together so we can discuss what we are seeing and you can learn how to see and understand it for yourself.

This allows you to gain skills and knowledge in how to directly perceive what is right for you to move in.

I help you to get your own insight to see the issues holding you back and how to know what is needed to clear them. This is the gold to you being able to free yourself to be who you really want to be.

6 months with biweekly sessions focusing your life in the areas your mindset We will move through each area of you life and look at it together using inquiry.

In each session you will learn tools relevant to working in that area of your life.

Only $300 per month for 2 biweekly sessions.