• Masterpiece

We each painted a Masterpiece with the Divine before we came here which includes everything we are here to be and do and offer the Family of One.

This reading gives you the puzzle pieces of your Masterpiece of the Great Work; The map of who you are and what you are here for in every area of your life.

These puzzle pieces are what you are here to work in and pay attention to. Your Being will continue to work with you to refine the expression of your Masterpiece in the world.

This time with the Divine One dancing in your field, addresses what is needed for you to be in deeper connection with the Divine M. Fatima is with us and tells you what you need to know in each area of your Masterpiece.

Masterpiece includes:

4 hours Divine One creating your Hat of the Holy Spirit (value $350)

The Hat and all the beads and charms woven into it. (value $110)

1 hour Divine One embedding the time field of your Masterpiece in the field of Your Hat of the Holy Spirit ($1,000 value)

1-1/2-2 hours reading Masterpiece. This is done with the Divine taking turns between Mother, Christ & Holy Spirit; The M. Fatima

They speak with you about who you are and what you're here for. It's a scared event, a unique field attunement into your partnership with your Divine team within. (value $350)

I recommend ordering a Journal that you can use to create in partnership with your Divine One on your Masterpiece.