Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting

  • Life Diagnostic Full System Troubleshooting

A comprehensive field diagnostic reading & healing.

I often get feedback like, "You're a miracle worker!", "You're pure magic!" and "I always feel like a new person after working with you!"

Are you ready to be clear? When you are feeling blocked, apathetic, or low energy, a full system energy clearing and balancing session can get to the source of the imbalance in your system, get you clear, reconnected and feeling great fast.

In this reading and healing session, I will tell you what I see in your systems; physical, chakras, aura layers, higher spiritual levels, and any other pictures that relate to your issues which should give a pretty good idea of where your issues lie and clear out the energy causes for it that I can find.

I will look at core issues in your programming, relationships and life. We can look into anything that you are concerned about or struggling with. Often in these sessions we get to the core of issues and patterns that you have been dealing with your whole life. Releasing these blockages creates a new freedom and flow in your life. Sometimes we find more chronic issues that may take a few more sessions to clear fully. I typically recommend this session quarterly to keep you feeling clear and connected so you can be powerful in living your purpose.