Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

$150.00 - $300.00
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

How Integrative Health Coaching Can Benefit You

As a holistic therapist and health coach, Molly can help you set achievable goals, navigate challenges, stay motivated, and build the confidence you need to implement lasting behavioral changes.

Molly will work closely with you to develop a healthy lifestyle plan. She brings her expertise in different areas – from psychology, clairvoyance, medical intuition, healing, to coaching – to help you achieve an optimal quality of life.

This is a 6-month with bi-weekly sessions that can help you:

Lower stress
Improve a chronic condition
Make different food choices
Create a better work/life balance
Increase energy levels
Improve your relationships
Achieve a healthier social life
Achieve a healthier mental and spiritual state
Live a healthier life overall
Over the course of 6 months, Molly will help you define your goals, pinpoint challenges, and create an action plan to help you make small, but powerful changes that stick. Molly will also offer accountability and endless support as you overcome setbacks and celebrate your wins.