Holy Vessel Initiation

  • Holy Vessel Initiation

This sacred event is happening in just a few weeks on February 27 & 28 both Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm HST (2-6 MST, 3-7 CST, 4-8pm EST) each day. 

This holy initiation gets you connected with The Family of Light. The Family of Light and The Brother and Sisterhood of Light.  

Learn about the structure of existence and of the Divine, that includes you and all of manifest creation.  

Our Soul structure is a multidimensional path of progression.  It contains you in your human life and in the journey into the dimensions beyond this life after death.  The ultimate is to have access to living as your Higher Self while still in the Body. This initiation is a major step in that direction. 

This initiation will activate your Christ Consciousness.  It opens and scaffolds you into the level of the first heaven that is located just above the 12 physical dimensions and is ruled by The Christ Consciousness of which you are a part.

You will learn about the structure of existence as physical and spiritual multidimensional fields and what kinds of beings live in each dimension.  You will be wired to receive information directly from within from Ascended Masters, Archangels and the higher dimensional selves of your own being.   

You have the potential to expand into the full capacity of service available at these levels.  You will gain access to yourself on these physical dimensions and the capacities available within them becoming the living embodiment of your Higher Being doing the spiritual purpose work you agreed to do for your brothers and sisters of Light in the world. This initiation is something you contracted to do before you came here.  You’re right on time.  Are you hearing the call?

Your guidance and relationship with yourself will expand to inform and direct you according to the purpose of your Masterpiece.

Holy Vessel Initiation(Adept): Advance Your Spiritual Awakening. Enhance Your Life.

The Holy Vessel Initiation is for those who are interested in dramatically advancing their spiritual awakening and attunement, self-realization, and life enhancement.

During the Holy Vessel Initiation Program, you will learn about the multidimensional fields and what kinds of beings exist on each of these dimensions, about the structure and design of existence, and will be given tools for connecting and being in partnership with your Higher dimensional Selves for the purpose of service and self-mastery.