Holy Vessel Initiation

  • Holy Vessel Initiation

Holy Vessel Initiation: Advance Your Spiritual Awakening. Enhance Your Life.

The Holy Vessel Initiation is for those who are interested in dramatically advancing their spiritual awakening and attunement, self-realization, and life enhancement.

In the Holy Vessel Initiation Program, you will be initiated into the Family of One led by the Holy Mother Goddess is the Initial Goddess, Lilith who holds all of the existences. Father god, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are all local to this System Terra Sophia which is themed, 'Honoring Her.' This initiation is the second step to birthing yourself into the greater field. *the first is the Dimensional Field Activation Over time, and with the Tree of Life Field Awakening, one can become a conscious Avatar for the Divine Self.

During the Holy Vessel Initiation Program, you will learn about the multidimensional fields and what kinds of beings exist on each of these dimensions, about the structure and design of existence, and will be given tools for connecting and being in partnership with your Higher dimensional Selves for the purpose of service and self-mastery. More here: https://f219ag5t.pages.infusionsoft.net