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Hero's Journey; Tarot Painting Course

$100.00 - $5,694.00
  • Hero's Journey; Tarot Painting Course

Transform how you look at your life forever!  This course is about Love; giving and receiving it for yourself and for all of your existence as a center of expression of the Divine One. 

Making Tarot paintings with the Divine within in order to heal the world of YOU.  Coming directly from your wisdom within to transform your thoughts, your emotions, your relationships, your communication, your perception of life will never be the same.  

Love of Source of All Life
This journey is about love.

Love of Self.

Love of Physical existence.

Love of all others in expression with us. 

Get yourself feeling so full of life that you love your life as never before.  

Love of Nature comes from understanding WHO Nature is for us.  When we have a right relationship with the environment within which we all live and breathe and have our being, we move in a grace given by pure alignment with the Source of life itself.  

Loving all others is easy when you realize who we are to each other.  When we have a right relationship with others we are at ease in being love with all. 

Love of God is easy and pure when we  get related to the True nature of the Divine One and WHO they are for us, their children of ONE.  

Releasing concerns about the judgements of others about who we are and how we are gives us freedom to be me. (B.M.) this is the result of the dump and flush we do when we clean up our messes.  

Paint your own Soul paintings as a Tarot Deck (78 cards)

Optional: Have your deck printed at the end of the course

78 bead rosary revisioning with Tarot study and visionary exploration of the power of prayer.

The video series Hero's Journey; Tarot painting course starts September 7th and will be made into videos you can watch at your leisure. The videos will continue to be available; you can start at any time.

The value for this series is $7800.
If pre-paid in full it's only $ $5694. Only $73 per class.

Available PACKAGE in shop

Panels 12" x 16"
Paint Set
Rainbow Candle Holder Set