DNA Activation and Restoration

  • DNA Activation and Restoration

This is a powerful activation that supercharges your evolution! The changes you will experience over time will blow your mind. When I had it done in 2000, it was said to unify the boundaries of the aura in 7 years. At 7 year post activation, I noticed this was so. At 16 years post activation, I unified all the way up through the dimensional fields of existence and now know myself in each of these fields consciously! Initiation and Kabbalah were essential in this access but the unification comes from this activation!
Includes an energy balancing to prepare you for the DNA Activation.

DNA Activation causes:
Natural Wholeness in Unity over time.
Activates your dimensional fields with Light
Upgrades connectivity channels through the dimensions
Increases your capacity in all ways
Supercharges your spiritual direction, motivation and intuition
Engages you with your destiny

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